Pinstripe Productions

Pinstripe exists to push the boundaries of ‘amateur’ theatre.

We wow audiences with impressive, large-scale productions of musicals often considered ‘too challenging’ for the local stage.

We see ‘technically challenging’ as the opportunity that it is!

We aim to integrate state-of-the-art technology into every performance we bring to the stage, combining techniques often only seen in the professional world with stellar in-house production, motion graphics and digital sets. Our renowned approach has won us countless awards and, most importantly, provides our incredibly talented cast the opportunity to truly shine.

Community supported and supportive of our community

Our founder, James Tucker, had his start in community theatre at only 15 – since then, he has performed in, directed and produced an incredible number of musicals! James has made it his mission to bring thrilling productions of seldom-performed musicals to the Bridgwater community – seeking to bring a taste of the West End to our small corner of the world.

What’s more, we fully value the importance of celebrating local talent –  giving community performers both young and old the chance to play the roles they’ve always dreamed of. Our hand-picked casts ensure that even the chorus members are principle-performers in their own right, doing full justice to every piece we bring to the stage.


Stay tuned for updates on our next production – coming soon!


Nov 2016

Best Production
Best Special FX
Best Male
Best Female
Best Male 17-21

Sunset Boulevard

Nov 2015

Avenue Q

July 2015
July 2014

The Full Monty

July 2016


Feb 2010