Sunset Boulevard – Bridgwater 2015

Sunset Boulevard, Ruthless Boulevard

Set in 1949, Sunset Boulevard whisks audiences away to the city where dreams are broken as easily as they’re made – Hollywood.


Adapted from the 1950s Billy Wilder film, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Tony Award-winning production originally hit stages in 1993 to rave reviews. It is now the honour of Pinstripe Productions to bring this stunning production to the Somerset stage.

Sunset tells the tale of a struggling screenwriter, Joe Gillis (Edward Creswick) , and his fateful meeting with fallen silent movie star, Norma Desmond (Maureen Wycherley – Bristol Light Opera Club – BLOC, Weston Operatics Society) – a meeting that changes both of their lives irreversibly.

Unable to accept her fall from fame, Norma ensnares Joe in a web of delusions and dreams – desperately seeking her grand ‘return’ to the screen at any cost.

Featuring a talented hand-picked cast, stunning orchestration, and classics such as “With One Look,” “As If We Never Said Goodbye,” and “Sunset Boulevard,” this show captivated and enthralled audiences from start to finish.

Pinstripe Productions presented our amateur production of Sunset Boulevard at the new McMillan Theatre, Bridgwater, in November 2015.